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Andro Extender – Penis Enlargement Device

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Cloneboy – Clone Your Penis

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Andropenis Mini – Extender For Micropenis

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Andropenis Mini – Extender For Micropenis

  • Andropenis Mini is an apparatus of penis medically appropriate for men with penises under 8 cm (3.2 inches) in erection.
  • For the Andropeyronie and Andropeyronie (Surgery Edition), his penis should measure at least 8 cm in erection.
  • The springs are manufactured in stainless steel and aluminum shafts in surgical.
  • You must have between 18 and 65 years of age.

All our medical appliances and our appliances of penis enlargement must be used with the penis in a state floppy.

Depending on the model, can be used between 4 and 9 hours daily, taking a break when necessary.Each model applies the principle of traction, but in a different way. When using Andropeyronie, the patient can control the direction of traction to be able to apply greater traction force on one side of the penis, getting correct the curved penis in the case of Andropeyronie (Surgery Edition), a unidirectional tractive force more moderate is sufficient to prevent the shortening peniano.Andropenis Mini should be used as the cords of penis ,with a slight adaptation in the top bracket


  • Aluminum Androsilicone®: 2 units
  • Androcomfort® Band: 2 units
  • For Androsilicone Androtop®®: 2 units
  • For Androcomfort Androtop®® Band: 2 units
  • Androring®: 2 units CD instructions in 27 languages (for use computer) Instruction book in 8 languages
  • Quick Guide
  • Free electronic book 100 Sexual Tips

There are many men who are looking for a product that improves the male sex that really works. We understand their frustration in the middle of a market full of counterfeit products and unfulfilled promises. Our products for the improvement of the male have a proven and are approved professionally by the main urologists.The Andropenis Mini works the same as the rest of the penis extenders, but the mini is suitable for men with a penis sizes of less than 8 centimeters in length in erection.It is easy to use and medically tested. Through the application of the pressure of traction, the Andropenis Mini stretch the penis, by forming new cells, which is a penis enlargement.

Use the male product of enhancement 4-9 hours a day, taking a break when necessary. Realize the wonders that this product offers. The Penis Extender helps those who want to enlarge your penis, those related with Peyronie’s disease, and those who want to reverse the effects of the reduction of the surgery.Our device of male enhancement is made of stainless steel and aluminum surgical. There is no need to worry about allergies or discomfort during the use of the penis extender.

The improvement of the male sex is a reality. Is tested and offered to you by the experts of Andromedical.

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